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simpl speling July 1998 part 4.

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Spelling on the net with Steve Bett.

SSS Web site's low rating in statistics analysis.

Rating software checks spelling, load time, dead, links, and link popularity and then rates the web site on a four-point scale.

As might be anticipated, the SSS web site, which includes pages written in CS, receives a low rating when it comes to spelling. Link popularity is also rated as poor or low. Link popularity refers to the number of sites that are linked to the SSS page.

Most of the referrals to the SSS site are from the Yahoo! search engine. The most popular source of referrals other than from a search engine is from a site called Linguistic fun.

One can access all of the latest statistics for the SSS web site

In a recent report that covered the past five months, the SSS page had been visited 3100 times. This suggests that there are 620 visitors a month, but this statistic is probably inflated.

Counters are notoriously optimistic and can count a single visit multiple times. It also includes any visits made by the webmaster or author.

Only a fraction of those who get to the initial page are enticed to check out the site. Out of the 3100 who surfed to the index page, only 450 to 600 clicked thru to Brochures, Modern spelling, and Six axioms.

Cornell Kimball says this indicates that fewer than 20% of those who go to the home page go any farther: 80% do not visit any of the linked pages.

If this is true, it indicates that something needs to be done to the design of the page to hook the typical viewer. Suggestions from readers are welcomed.

A suggested topic for SSS site

Which spelling do you prefer [ ] give or [ ] giv?

This idea comes from a 1960s study of spelling preferences summarized in the Spelling Progress Bulletin. The results are rather disturbing since they suggest, if given a vote, over half would seek to retain the worst examples of 'stupid' spelling

Subjects were asked to rate various TO spellings (which were compared to a reform spelling) on a five-point scale where 5 ment they felt that TO spelling represented an optimum spelling pattern and 1 if TO left much to be desired.

Rule levelSpelling / Alternative Average rating
graphemicfreeze / freez
give / giv
phonotacticfetch / fech
wash / wosh
morphemicwalked / walkt
dogs / dogz
syntacticgoose / goos
add /ad
semanticsign / syn
(reference word)

As might be expected, most people said freeze was a near perfect way to spell /fri:z/: average 4.28. Fewer thought that give was a near perfect way to spell /giv/: average 3.71. All of the scores are skewed toward near total satisfaction with conventional spelling. Few thought the suggested alternative was an improvement. Both the lowest and highest rating are found under morphemic regularity. No one wanted to change the plural but a few wanted to drop the regular past tense ending. On the web page, a test like this could be self scoring. Those who liked non-phonemic spelling could be automatically sent to a page which would justify the reformed spelling.

New spelling related URLS.

The find for this issue is the user frendly version of the spelling converter by Steven Bird

The CGI/Pearl script is available to anyone wanting to add this clever page to their web site. To convert to Cut Spelling, Fanetic, or Truespel, simply type in or cut and paste the text into the window. Click on convert and the text is converted to the selected notation. Unlike the original BTRSPL converter, this one does not have to be downloaded nor require any computer expertise. BTRSPL is still a component of the process, but in the background.

Here are other interesting sites:
This is a great site for people wishing to understand hieroglyphics. It is written at the K-6 level.
The Uniform English Society includes a draft of its notation (a variation of New Spelling).
Instructions for how to build a web page.

Tale peace.

Here today, ? tomorrow.

Sign projected on to the outside of the building
to promote the opening of the library's viewing galleries:

The British Library
For the nation's written heretage.

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simpl speling. July 1998 members' supplement.

With the increase in the number of pages for this issue, we have created this supplement, for in-house or other news for members. It is inserted in only those copies sent to members.

One of our aims is to make the eight page main section of general interest, not just for members, so it can be passed on confidently to others, and not be out of place in libraries, doctors' waiting rooms, etc. - Editor

April committee meeting.

Big saving likely from venue change.

Wanted, by new SSS member: Regularized English, by Dr Axel Wijk; Almkvist & Wiksell, Stockholm. Offers to: Tom Lang.

At the AGM.

Continued membership growth reported:

Officers and committee members 1998-99.

President: Professor D G Scragg.
Vice-presidents: Dr Edward Rondthaler, Lord Simon of Glaisdale, Professor John C Wells, Dr Valerie Yule.
Chairman: Chris Jolly.
Vice-chairman: Rev Nick Kerr.
Editor-in-chief and Literature secretary: Christopher Upward.
Research director: Dr Gwenllian Thorstad.
Membership secretary Jean Hutchins.
Treasurer Alun Bye.
Committee: David Barnsdale, Marie (Masha) Bell (Now also administrative support), John Bryant, Tony Burns, Leo Chapman, Paul Fletcher, Gerald Palmer.

[Masha Bell: see Journals, Newsletters, Leaflet, Media, Personal View.]

New member appointed as administrative support.

Marie (Masha) Bell has been appointed to the new position of administrative support in the Society. She has already taken up the part-time, paid appointment.

Masha (pronounced Marsha) is a new member and also a new committee member, having been co-opted at the April meeting.

Her roles will be defined and clarified as she settles into the job.

Masha is 53, married with two grown-up children. Originally from Lithuania, she has an English husband, is a graduate of Exeter University, and was a secondary school teacher for 18 years, teaching mainly German, but also English, Russian, and French.

She retired early from teaching three years ago because of a helth problem that is now cured. With time available, she wanted to take on a new venture with enthusiasm, and being paid for it would make a huge difference. This position seemed made for her needs, she says.

Chairman Chris Jolly, in announcing the appointment, said: 'Masha's submission to the Millennium Experience shows she is enthusiastic for the subject, able to develop good promotional ideas, and able to follow them thru very competently. I have congratulated her and I think she will do very well in the job.'

¶ Note: Jean Hutchins will remain membership secretary.

Committee changes venue The next SSS committee meeting is on July 25, 10:30am, at a new venue, the Quaker International Centre, All members are welcome.

PV guidelines for presentation of members' schemes as Personal Views are available from Paul Fletcher.

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