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If you have any questions, please write, telephone, or send an email to our membership secretary.

The English Spelling Society,
71 Stoneleigh Avenue,
CV5 6DA,
England, UK
Tel. +44 (0)2476 712 119
Email: Stephen Linstead (

Methods of subscription payment

You can pay for your membership using the online registration form; You will be forwarded to our secure payment provider after completing it. You can pay for either a single years membership at £10 or alternatively life membership at £100.

If you'd rather pay by post, please complete the form below and post it, along with one of the following to the membership secretary at the address above.

Please note it is slightly cheaper to pay on-line.

Refund Policy

If you change your mind about membership or a donation made, you can cancel your subscription and/or obtain a refund if such cancellation is notified within 7 days. Use any of the above methods to get in touch, and we'll arrange a full refund.

Membership form.

Please complete the sections below as appropriate, then send a printout to the Membership Secretary (address above).




Telephone / Fax / Email / http:

Please enroll me as a member of the TESS and send me the Society's current publications. I enclose my subscription for the current calendar year. (Subscriptions are renewable on 1 January each year.)

My interest arises from (please mark relevant numbers) :
  1. general interest in language
  2. general concern with the problems of spelling
  3. teaching children basic literacy skills
  4. teaching older children
  5. remedial teaching (including dyslexia)
  6. adult literacy work
  7. teaching clerical skills
  8. teaching non-English speakers
  9. lexicography, publishing, printing
  10. information technology
  11. other reasons (please specify)

It would be helpful to the Society to know if you have particular interests (eg, linguistics, psychology, foreign languages), experience (eg, teaching, typesetting, editing, lexicography, computing, educational administration), contacts (eg, professional organizations concerned with the written word) which may give you special insights or influence that could help to advance the reform of English spelling. If so, please note them.

How did you hear of the Society?

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