Index of SSS Journal authors from 1985

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Gianturco, M. Computers in Education J15 1993/2 p32.

Gibbs, S. See Newsletters, Leaflet.

- Retirement notice J4 1987/1 p2.

- 1971/72 New Spelling amendments J7 1988/1 p33.

- The Society's 1984 Proposals J8 1988/2 p32.

Gilbert, J.B. reviews Kalmer T.M. 'Illegal alphabets and adult biliteracy: Latino migrants crossing the linguistic border.' J30 2002/1 p35.

Gledhill, C. See Newsletters.

- Regularity & Representation in Spelling: the case of Esperanto J16 1994/1 pp17-23.

- Reform through International Auxuliary Languages: reviews Craig, R. & Alexander, A. 'Lango: Language Organisation' J23 1998/1 p30.

Gledhill, J. See Newsletters, Media.

- Testing Readability: a small-scale experiment J26 1999/2 pp24-25.

- Real World Spelling Dilemmas J27 2000/1 pp24.

- Review of Jean Meron's Orthotypographie. J32 2003/1 p33.

Gogate, M N. See Newsletters, Web link.

- A World Script is Necessary J2 1986/1 pp18-19.

- Roman Lipi Parishad J6 1987/3 p12.

- Some views on English spelling reform J7 1988/1 pp32-33.

- RLP (Roman Lipi Parishad) J11 1989/2 pp18-20.

- Towards Roman Lipi J15 1993/2 pp12-14.

- Simplified Global English J31 2002/2 pp11,12.

Graddol G. The Future of English review by Upward J24 1998/2.

Gregersen, E. See Newsletters.

- Morphological Considerations in the Creation of Rational Orthographies. J2 1986/1 p14-17.

- The vowels of Moon & June in a rational spelling of English J6 1987/3 pp17-21.

- The Strategy of Spelling Reform in Stages: Pros & Cons J9 1988/3 pp11-13.

- Morfemes & CS discussion with Upward, C. J11 1989/2 pp25-29.

- Compromise Spellings and World English J27 2000/1 pp16-18.

Gresham, A. 'AgiliWriting - the readable shorthand of the English language' review by Upward C. J14 1993/1 pp29-33.

Groff, P. See Newsletters, Bulletins.

- Traversing Hurdles to Simplified Spelling J13 1992/2 pp17-19.

- Update on spelling instruction: the developmental spelling factor J14 1993/1 pp23-25.

- Some Empirical Data on the 'mat-mate' System J15 1993/2 pp8-9.

- Recent Spelling Research: Some Implications for Spelling Reform J16 1994/1 pp3-7.

- Ideology & Empiricism in Spelling Instruction J18 1995/1 pp7-10.

- Handwriting & Relationship to Spelling J19 1995/2 pp22-25.

- Recent Spelling Research and Simplified Spelling J20 1996/1 pp14-18.

- The Rise and Fall of 'Whole Language' and the Return to Phonics J22 1997/2 pp11-16.

- The Phoneme-to-Letter Route for Phonics Instruction J25 1999/1 pp16-19.

- How Fares Phonics in California? J28 2000/2 pp19-21.

- Decodable words versus predictable text J31 2002/2 pp17-19.